Teambuilding-corporate for the Kiev and St. Petersburg offices of the company PETER-SERVICE.


We have received a request from the company "Peter-Service Ukraine" to conduct an active event for the employees of the two offices - St. Petersburg’s and Kiev’s. The Kiev office would host the event. The event was to be held in the second half of December, so the customer decided to do several things at a time - to acquaint employees, to celebrate the end of the year with an  award ceremony, and, of course, to meet the New Year.

"Since the company is engaged in software and staff spends a lot of time with computers, it was not an easy task to stir them up and the conductor had to do his best. By the middle of the event they actively participated in competitions and were as active as they were supposed to be”.

Mariia, event-manager

Dates of the event:

26 December 2013

Number of the participants:

25 persons


restaurant “Paris Dakar”, Kyiv 



The opinion of the customer about the event:

On behalf of all employees of our company we would like to thank the organizer of the event ZEFIR Event Studio for a pleasant and interesting conducting of the corporate party. it is difficult to say, whether  It was a corporate party with elements of teambuilding or teambuilding with the elements of a corporate party – we had  few goals, and only one event. The authorities from the head office in St. Petersburg werepleasantly surprised by the warm welcome, interesting program, and delicious cuisine! They liked everything: the contests, the conductor, music, concert issues, illusionist, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, creative magnets.

Special thanks to the event manager Mariia, who was sympathetic to our needs, and professionally done her job! Thank you, I hope we will have a chance to work together again.

S.Satciuk, An employee of the company "Peter-Service Ukraine"

After receiving an application we need to understand who our customer is and what he likes. To do this, we conduct a detailed interview, send a series of questions by e-mail, and then, having at least an idea of the goals and objectives, we clarify everything during an interview with the customer by phone, Skype or personal meeting. The interview allows us to feel the spirit and emotions of the client. After meeting we decide on the tasks and start to develop creative ideas.

Wishes and requirements have been clearly set at the first interview with the client. Of the three concepts of client immediately chose the first, which consisted of two parts: the competition (active part) and entertainment – a spectacular show. The restaurant was chosen near the office, which was convenient for all employees.

We have selected the most experienced of 9 suitable candidates for the role of the conductor, and he did a great job moderating the event. Contests, his jokes and the order of the concert issues produced the desired effect.
Out of the 45 potential contractors for the show program, we chose 8, and wrote in details the script, which is also the timing. Without this document, event manager does not work on an event.

The day before and on the day of the event, we, as usual, made a check call to all contractors, and as always, everyone was very punctual. Duringthe whole event the event-manager was there, up to the very end.


We cannot publish the scenario of the evening and all the secrets. For a brief description: there were an official part, wrapping-up, and awarding. Then we proceeded to creative interactive contests, and fresh new games that united the team. And the final part - the show program, also comprised of interactivity - dances, magician, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, gifts, photo session - and all this in the form of competitions. And, as the last but not the least, we had a cake with the company logo. The event was successful. Everybody was leaving happy, rested and with a bunch of gifts and experiences.

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