Seminar-training for the specialists of the sewing industry


In the middle of November we received a request to organize a seminar at the end of the month on the topic: "The successful conduct of business in the garment industry." Half of participants were from Kiev, and another half came from different cities of Ukraine. All the participants already have their business in the garment industry, various tailor’sshops, including the production of special clothing, tourist tents, etc. The customer was a coach who needed professional help in organizing the seminar. It was necessary to provide a comfortable hall, multimedia equipment, provide food, make regulations, inform the participants,and take care of the accommodation of the trainer and guests.

"We often organize business events, so everything went smoothly. The most interesting was that we met the customer for the first time only on the day of the event. All discussions and decisions were conducted by means of modern communications: email, skype, mobile".

Mariia, event-manager

Dates of the event:

30 November

Number of the participants:

50 persons


3* hotel,  Kyiv



The opinion of the customer about the event:

"Thank you very much for the good job. The seminar was excellent. I' was not worried because of organizational issues, focused on the report, communication with the audience and the goals set. I have not tested the equipment but I knew it was ready. I did not invite each participant to the seminar hall, I knew there was Mariia, who would invite everybody on time and take care that I start according to the regulations. I have not been checking the clock, I knew there was Mary with the magic stop signs and dumb tips which were seen only by me. The accommodation was also taken care of.  Overall, I enjoyed my work and Mariia was organizing and supervising everything. Thank you very much for that, Mariia. She knows how to do her job. "

Petro Sykyn, trainer of seminar

Through a detailed interview, we found out the date of the event, the number and profile of the participants, the priorities in the location of the conference hall, nutrition and accommodation requirements, technical equipment peculiarities and other details.
In the commercial offer we have tried to offer several options and places to hold the event, of which the customer has chosen the most suitable ones. It was decided to hold the seminar at the renovated three-star hotel near the metro station. We always check the physical condition of the hall, deliver the equipment and check its work at the place of the event, control the quality of food. On the morning of the seminar, the event manager met the coach, his assistants and visitors and helped them with the accommodation. We have taken care of early check-in, prior to the seminar and not at 14:00 as usual.

Once again we checked the place and all the necessary equipment. 15 minutes before the appointed time the participants began to gather. On the entrance they were met by our event manager and escorted to the registration desk. During the whole day ofthe seminar the event manager was there supervising the timing of the coffee breaks and the preparation of refreshments. It is important to ensure that the event goes according to the regulations and give coach mute tips when he is working. The seminar was fruitful, heldat a high level, and the coach was not distracted by organizational issues, so the participants got all his attention.

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