Birthday party in the company of athletes


To organize a Birthday party in a two days, and also take into account the peculiarities of the guests, as they are sportsman and are taking part in the competition "Race of Nations". 

The  organization of this Birthday can be compared to a sprint in biathlon. From the formulation TS (technical specification) to the event we had about two days. Our team worked non-stop for 48 hours and created a celebration at the highest level. I want to thank the guests who actively participated in all competitions, were dancing, and even stood in a static bar at the party, it was incredible.


Kseniia, event-manager

Dates of the event:

23 January 2016

Number of the participants:

50 persons


Karaoke – club Bionica, Kyiv


18.00 - 23.00

The opinion of the customer about the event:

"I want to recommend ZEФIR event studio to everybody, they are a very cool team of professionals. I had very little time to prepare the program, and when I asked for a help I worried that the price would be too high or nobody would want to help me at all, because the event was supposed to take place in a 1,5 day. But the ZEФIR’steam approached the project in a short time, offered several options to satisfy my wishes and affordable price. I was totally happy. The people from event studio learned all the details of the celebration, asked a bunch of questions and the program, which they organized, was suitable exactly for our company. I enjoy working with event-manager Kseniia.For the perfect Birthday - thank you!"

Nataliia, birthday girl

Description of the preparation and conduction of the event:

Because we didn’t have much time we immediately conducted a detailed interview with the client, it was important to know about the hobbies of the guests at the party. After this we spent few hours to prepare several concepts for a Birthday celebration and presented it to the customer.

On the same day we chose the concept, developed a scenario plan and timing.

Time was short, instead of promotional gifts were created comic gift certificates from the client and other creative surprises.

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