Team-building corporate for Zenith Optimedia Ukraine

Number of participants: 60 people

The Task was 

An order came from the Zenith Optimedia Ukraine company, the organization of an incentive corporate event for a young team of company employees, 60 people. It is desirable for location to be out of the city, but due to the changeable weather conditions, there should be an ability to shelter from the rain. Entertainment program on the subject must comply with the direction of the activities of the Customer's company, which will be included in the scope of a limited budget.

We proposed to conduct a teambuilding. The most of our preparation time for the event we spent while selection of the current concept, but as soon as the picture became clear, everything was plain sailing. The event atmosphere was free and laid-back and it was a great achievement of our guests, because it directly connected not only with lead and the scenario, but also with the mood of collective. The competitions and assignments prepared for the customer imbued with an advertising atmosphere, which in an easy and relaxed form of team building carried command-forming character. To solve the task team attack with an incredible creative, and overcome it easily. Active, energetic and quick inclusion in the game of our guests exceeded all our expectations and pleased us pleasantly.


Elena,  event manager

Date of event:

July 7, 2017

Number of participants:

60 people


country beach resort, Kyiv

Event time:


Format of the event:

Team-building, entertaining

Customer Review:

1. On behalf of our collective and myself also, I wish to thank ZEФIR Event Studio studio for organizing and conducting a wonderful corporate team building. The team got a lot of fun for the time spent. Thank you!  

2. Thanks to the event-agency ZEFIR event studio for patience and understanding of our needs. Lead has surpassed all expectations. Event manager performed well during the event. The collective received a lot of wonderful emotions and positive memories.

3. Thanks to the event-agency ZEFIR event studio for help in organizing our holiday. In spite of the constant changes in the concept, event agency always made concessions to us and have studied every wish. In our case, the result surpassed our expectations: All guests received a sea of positive emotions, and the most pleasant surprise was the show program, proposed by Zefir from the very beginning. Thank you very much for our joint project!  

4. I want to thank our wonderful team of organizers for the drive corporate! For the first time in all years, the number of people broke all the records - never before we could not bring everyone to the corporate!  

5. Thanks for the organization, the location was beautiful, everyone could choose - active recreation near by the pool or relaxation near by the lake. 

6. Thanks a lot to the whole team of organizers! It was mega cool! I still smile and still have my strength, from dancing, volleyball and laughter! 

7. And from me a sincere thank you) Everything was very easy, tasteful. A beautiful place, beautiful people, it was a wonderful holiday.

Vyacheslav Levchenko, branch manager of Zenith Optimedia Ukraine

Ekaterina Tugai, digital planner

Anna Kiyanitca, office manager,

 as well as the team of Zenith Optimedia Ukraine and Blue 449 

Event Description:

To organize this event, we had many ideas and options for the program, the choice of the customer fell on a pool party in a country resort. We provided two transfers to the location for the guests, and we must pay tribute to our customers in the organization, the entire team at the scheduled time of filing, was already at the alighting point. In very demanding period of time, we compiled a scenario, where the saturation of the program and timing were chosen in such a way to provide an opportunity for guests to enjoy the delights of the pool and beach on location. As well as to entertain the collective with creative team-building games, that turned out to be very relevant in the given conditions.

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