Teambuilding for consulting company in the field of real estate «Kanzas Real Estate»


A consulting firm in the real estate industry «Kanzas Real Estate» asked us to organize for them a teambuilding for a team of 50 people. 

We needed a new unique script with fresh smart jokes. Just songs and dances were not enough. In the company they enjoy active and intellectual rest.

“The place was the difficulty. The restaurant hall the company has chosen was a bit small for all these people, especially since the public was very active and wanted to participate in all the activities.”

Mariia, event-manager

Dates of the event:

26 December 2013

Number of the participants:

50 persons


restaurant “Podshofe” 



Event theme:

30-ies in Chicago

The opinion of the customer about the event:

 “Thank you, ZEФIR for the event! The young and energetic conductor as well as nice music made our merry staff quickly dip in the stylish gangster atmosphere of the event. We liked the competitive spirit between the ‘gangs’ as well as unintrusive contests. Thank you for the atmosphere! The silent mime who was welcoming the guests, decorated our photos”. 


M. Bendiak, advertising department of «Kanzas Real Estate»

Of course the first priority of any professional event manager is to get as much information as possible about the customer, namely about the team to be entertained in the future. There are no templates. Of course, there are major issues: men and women ratio, age, staff temperament, hobbies, and even alcohol preferences. But the main thing is to get the customer's desire, what they want to get in the end. What is more, 80% of customers do not know what they want at first.

After meeting with the client, we realized that the team is very live and active; the majority of it is the representatives of the fair sex. So, the restaurant has been chosen, we have learned, in which formats and themes the corporate parties were conducted and what we definitely should not offer, and work has kicked off.
Before starting working with the script, we saw the place for the event. Judging from the size, we chose the activity for which we had enough place.
Then customer has approved the script and we finalized it with the timing and detailed description of contests, prizes, etc.
We called for the last time all the performers, and the preparatory process was completed. At 16.00 Event Manager with the leading DJ were already on the place waiting for guests, checking the script and preparing props.
All guests were met by the cheerful mime’s miniatures, which perfectly fit into the theme of the evening.



When all the guests gathered and took their seats, the conductor has begun his work. All the staff was divided into 4 groups or "tables" (as the hallhad dictated us the rules) for the convenience of communication and participation of all guests in the competitions.
With the competitions, for which guests were receiving points and Christmas gifts, the evening passed quickly. They sang, danced, participated in everything and demanded more and more.

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