Celebration of life. Anniversary at the restaurant, Kiev.


We received an order to organize a private anniversary. The celebration program was supposed to be a birthday surprise secretly prepared by the wife. It was necessary to choose the place for 100 guests, propose and conduct the program.

Work began with making up a detailed list of the guests and meeting them on the paper, getting to know the biography of the birthday boy, his hobbies, work, achievements and plans for the future. We gathered detailed information about the people for whom we were to work. We made a few concepts of the celebration; we analyzed all the pros and cons, approved the script and began the preparation. The complexity was that the birthday boy worked and rested well, and as a consequence, he and his guests have seen different show programs, and we had to surprise them.



Julia, project manager

Dates of the event:

20 June 2012

Number of the participants:

100 persons


Fortetcia, Kyiv



Event theme:

private anniversary

The opinion of the customer about the event:

Thank you for helping to organize the celebration of the 50th anniversary of my husband. Usually we organize all the holidays by ourselves, but this time, since around 100 guests were invited, we understood that we wouldnot be able to devote attention to everything and decided that we need a professional organizer.

Thanks to your participation, the preparation for celebration turned for me into an exciting experience and a pleasant anticipation of the holiday. Everything was so harmonious and professional, that the only thing I could do was choosing from the offered options, all of which were good.

All the guests were satisfied. We did not have any problems, either during preparation or during the celebration itself.

My husband and I relaxed and enjoyed the holiday together with all the guests, we did not have to check the sequence of performances, cake time, dancing breaks, toasts, and a thousand of other little things.

We are very glad that we did not make a mistake by choosing you. Many thanks! We wish you more satisfied customers!!!

Larisa Korovchenko, about anniversary husbands

The birthday boy works in the aviation industry, enjoys football, likes nice paintings, and has a lot of talents. The versatility of his personality has allowed us to design a rich script and connect a number of surprises for the birthday boy and guests so the celebration was like an interactive setting where everyone knew that everything is for them.

We will not repeat the whole script, we will only add that among other surprises we secretly filmed a birthday movie before the event and it was shown on the evening. The shooting and producing took two months. We interviewed a lot of friends, relatives and staff, used home videos and photo archive. The film provoked a huge amount of positive emotions, laughter, tears and applauses for the birthday boy.

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