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At first, the organization of events was for me just a hobby, for the soul. But over time, I realized that I want to make a hobby my profession. And now every day's experience confirms the wonderful phrase: "To work as a holiday!". Each project is seen as a new opportunity to communicate, develop and gain experience.




Feeling of pleasure because of a successfully held event cannot be compared with nothing. The most vivid memories are often associated with a sense of satisfaction from successfully overcoming the challenging tasks. I am inspired by enthusiastic people teamwork, and the pleased participants of the event is the best indicator that you are on your right way.



Account Manager

Every event is a special story, which I have to feel and recreate in a right way. There is no universal way to treat every one - I work hard to find a key to the heart of every Client. The most important for me is an earned trust of a Client who will receive a high class event as a result of successful collaboration.




"After I hear and understand the wishes of the Client we started to share the goals together. Individual and responsible approach to the organization at all stages, planning and coordination of the event, optimizing budgets – here are the components of the ideal project. A systemic thinking and a creative approach help me achieve my goals."




"In this work there are no closed doors and insurmountable peaks. Develop a unique concept, choose a location, prepare timing, be attentive to detail - that's what I'm doing. And my creative nature helps to make events interesting to everybody"




"To prepare the perfect event, to keep it at a high level, to understand what the customer wants, to generate bright ideas, collect the team of executives, to understand what is going on at the event every minute. I like to combine creative approach and ability to efficiently solve any arising problems"




 "In today's world the correct positioning is one of the main keys to success. With this task I manage well by creating quality design. You need to pay attention to every detail from the font on the badges of participants to the color of the costumes of the actors. I can decorate any event."




"Every project and every order, whether it is video and photo shooting or creating a movie it is a creative process. Objective # 1 – to listen the client and his desires and successfully, quickly and efficiently bring them to life."



technical support

 "For a great event you will need high-quality equipment: multimedia, simultaneous translation, sound, lighting and so on. I choose the equipment that meets the specifics of the event, making your event relevant to modern trends."



Presenter, director

"Elegant like a piano, intelligent presenter who knows how to combine humor and "environmentally friendly" manner of conducting the events. However it is easy to guess that he was a sportsman in the past. This "mixture" that intrigues the viewer and helps to spend time on any social event interesting."



Scenarist, presenter

"To be the host in an event is more than a job for me. My Golden rules:
1. Individual approach and unique scenario. My scenarios never are the same.
2. Quality, not quantity. Always work with the soul.
3. Smile mandatory. As a graduate of a joke club(KVN) I always bet on humor and improvisation."



Project manager

"I love to do everything correct, pay attention to the details, accurately, and when everything goes according to plan. And we get perfect event is the result. I love to hear from the Client spontaneous gratitude, when during the event I hear thanks, and most important, when client admires the work of the team. I love our team, it is full of passionate people and each of them is a great personality."

Zeфir - Event planning on turnkey basis.

You have probably asked yourself, “why is Zeфir?”. It is rather a name for a cake-shop than for an event-agency.

Let me explain.

By creating this event-studio, we had an aim to hold really stylish events, beneficial both for you and your company.

So why did we stop on the name Zephyr? Because this delicacy is akin to our events, it is as sweet, tasty and useful as our agency.

Suitable even for the most demanding gourmets.

No templates and standard offers. Each event is designed exclusively for your task, each step is coordinated with you. No unpleasant surprises. We won't let you down, you will see.

Only the choicest ingredients!

Our close-knit team, good organization, foresight, responsibility and punctuality lead to excellent taste and wonderful benefits. 

You will get a decent and stylish event and your guests will be truly delighted and pay many compliments to you.

Our approach to work. How is our work organized?

1. Through our website you leave a request to hold an event (fill out the brief or enter your data in a simple form on the website). It is also possible to make a booking by phone.

2. We will contact you within one hour and ask you some additional questions. These questions are built in a specific way that helps our customers understand clearly what they really want. So by answering these questions, you really help us understand and meet your needs so we can prepare a decent offer for you.

3. In 2 or 3 days we will send you some concepts (normally 2 or 3) and preliminary cost. After you choose an event concept, we will specify all details and find out the final cost.

Two or three days? You may think, why does it take so long?

Creating an event concept is a serious work, which includes not only creating ideas. We also have to offer a platform for holding event, pick up artists, check the availability of a particular instrument. For all this we have to make a dozen of calls to book .

artists, masters of ceremonies, platforms and equipment in advance for the date of your event.

You don't have time to wait? Call us and we will find a way.

What's the difference between a concept and event program?

A concept is a general idea suggested to you so that you can see what we can offer you and we can understand what your true needs are. 

The event program is being developed on the basis on approved concept. It is a clear, step by step plan of actions.

4. So you should choose one of the concepts offered and give your proposals if have any.  Together we coordinate all the participants, props, equipment.

5. We sign a contract and you make an advance payment for the event.

6. Develop event script that you say.

7. We do event preparations and that means coordinating time, rehearsing, checking all small details even availability and condition of a dressing room for actors. Every important step we coordinate with you.

8. Before undertaking we will check all area and discuss organizational issues one more time.

9. Event holding. We control every single step, everything must go according to the plan, to the minute.

Our clients appreciate us because:

We are valued for speed. We can design and hold and event in the shortest possible time at the highest level.

You will have only good memories of our event, whether it may be a training course, a workshop or a corporate party.

We are reliable and responsible for the result. We check everything and we have never have experienced any unpleasant surprises.

All events are organized perfectly on time, like a Swiss watch. Even our artists were pleasantly surprised how accurate our approach in work

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